Friday, 21 September 2018

The Minister of Environment Energy and Climate Change attends the G7 Ministerial Meeting in Halifax Canada

The Minister of Environment Energy and Climate Change, Mr. Wallace Cosgrow is presently attending the G7 Ministerial Meeting at the invitation of the Government of Canada. The meeting which is being held from the 19th to 21st of September 2018, is a gathering of G7 member countries, outreach countries, private sector organisations, policy makers and experts.

Working Together on Climate Change, Oceans and Clean Energy” is the theme whereby Ministers will be discussing global climate actions, clean growth and sustainable finance, resilient coasts and fisheries, plastic pollution, energy security and clean energy.

The first day of the meetings, Minister Cosgrow participated in the sustainable finance roundtable as a panelist, discussing on innovative solutions for resilience to extreme weather events, where he made a presentation on the Debt to Nature Swap which Seychelles undertook and the Blue Bonds which is being finalised. Both are considered as innovative financing mechanisms to combat and mitigate against extreme weather events, climate change and to build resilience.

The Minister is expected to make a key note address on Thurday 20th September at the opening of the joint ministerial session on healthy oceans, seas and resilient coastal communities, which will set the scene for the day’s discussions.

The outcome of the meetings will form part of the discussion at COP 24 on climate change to be held in Poland in December.

Monday, 10 September 2018

White Flag Certification Ceremony Beau Vallon Beach

The White Flag Certified Safe Marine Areas (CSMA) represent the world’s most purest and cleanest oceans, lakes and rivers surfaces that has been physically cleaned from Plastic and other marine debris. Beau Vallon has been chosen as one of the cleanest and Safe Marine Area. This event took place at Beau Vallon Promenade on Saturday 8th September in the presence of President Danny Faure as the guest of honour in the ceremony.

Mr. Kritijan Curavic who is the President of the Ocean Alliance Conservation Member (OACM) stated “we have cleared up to 11 tons of plastic in 8 weeks of cleaning for only 200 meters of beach”.

Mr. Curavic had the honour of awarding the first White Flag to the Republic of Seychelles, with President Danny Faure in the presence of the Vice-President Mr. Vincent Meriton and Hon Nicolas Prea.

Minister of Environment Energy and Climate Change Mr. Wallace Cosgrow, mentioned in his Speech the different path that the Government of Seychelles are undertaking to preserve the Marine Life. He further thanked the Non-Governmental Organizations for their effort especially those directly involved with Plastic Pollution.

“Since 2009 we have put in place schemes to reduce and remove PET bottles and aluminum cans that are discarded into the environment. We have created business and employment opportunities from these initiative. In 2017 a ban was introduced on the importation and use of single use plastics, Styrofoam take away boxes, plastic cups and cutleries. This year government approved a ban on the importation and use of plastic straws which will take effect in January 2019.” Said Mr. Cosgrow

Present at the Ceremony was the Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine, Mr. Didier Dogley; Minister for Finance, Trade, Investment and Economic Planning, Mr. Maurice Loustau-Lalanne; Minister for Habitat, Infrastructure and Land Transport, Mrs. Pamela Charlette; Honourable Members of the National Assembly, General Managers from establishments along the Beau Vallon beach; representatives from Civil
Society and other dignitarie.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Inception Stakeholder Workshop for the Preparation of the Seychelles Sixth National Report to the Convention on Biological Diversity.

The Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change through support from a GEF-UNEP funded project called “Support to produce the Sixth National Report to the Convention on Biological Diversity Africa has kick start the process of its National Report. The workshop was held at the H-Resort and Spa on Tuesday 4th of September, attending the workshop were representatives from different organization including Tourism, Blue Economy, University of Seychelles as well as environmental NGOs working alongside the Ministry of Environment.

The data which was collected yesterday from all the different partners sharing their ideas is to be presented within the national report which will provide the main rational for the follow up work on the Strategic plan beyond this decade and will help shape the post-2020 global biodiversity agenda. Thus the 6th National Report will have to provide an accurate and up to date reflection of the Seychelles national progress in addressing the Aichi Biodiversity Targets and implementation of the CBD through the works of all the organization and partners working on biodiversity conservation issues.
Subsequent consultations will continue with key partners to gather information from key partners for the compilation of the report which will be submitted by December 31st 2018.
The United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) came into force into 1993.
       Article 26 , of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD),  states that

“Each Party shall, at intervals to be determined by the Conference of the Parties (COP), present to the COP, reports on measures which it has taken for the implementation of the provisions of this Convention and their effectiveness in meeting the objectives of the CBD”.

       Conference of Parties is the main governing body of the CBD that meets every two years to review the implementation of CBD and accordingly takes decisions.
       National reports are submitted every 4 years.
       Till date five cycles of national reporting have been completed. Seychelles has submitted her First, Second, Fourth and Fifth National Reports

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Minister for Environment Energy and Climate Change attends the 6th GEF Assembly

The Minister for Environment Energy and Climate Change is attending the 6th Global Environment Facility (GEF) Assembly and associated meetings taking place in Da Nang, Vietnam on the 27th – 28th June 2018.
In his statement before the 6th Assembly, he thanked the GEF for organizing a successful meeting and the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam for the warm hospitality afforded to him and his small delegation.

Minister Wallace Cosgrow congratulated the GEF for successfully negotiating and concluding the replenishment of funds for GEF 7.

He stated that the GEF has been an important partner in environmental management, providing assistance to facilitate the delivery of several multilateral environmental agreements.

The government and the civil society organizations with the support of GEF have together been able to make significant progress in tackling many issues through a series of projects under different thematic areas.

These projects have provided essential support to development planning processes, legal framework for environmental and land use planning, land management issues, protected area management, and mainstreaming biodiversity into key economic sectors amongst many others.
The establishment of the Project Coordination Unit in 2008 is to manage and implement GEF projects has brought about greater efficiency together with the support of the UNDP as our implementing partner.

The Minister pointed out that Seychelles is one of the recipients benefiting with the largest amount of GEF funding per capita and that he believes we have made excellent use of the support.

The Seychelles is currently implementing two GEF 6 projects, one focusing on piloting a ridge to reef approach that addresses priorities for improved management and conservation of upland forest, agricultural ecosystems as well as coastal and marine ecosystems and the other in the blue economy sector focusing on the development of sustainable fisheries and support for the execution of our marine spatial planning process and piloting of a blue bond mechanism.

The Minister also urged the GEF to continue to take Small Island Developing states unique circumstances into account and to address them in a manner that is transparent and inclusive.
The 6th Assembly is also being attended by the Principal Secretary for Energy and Climate Change, Mr Wills Agricole who is also the GEF Operational Focal Point for Seychelles.

The Global Environment Facilities (GEF) was established on the eve of 1992 Rio Earth Summit. The objectives is to tackle our planet’s most pressing environmental problems. The Assembly which is held every four years is the GEF’s highest governing body and gathers representatives of all its 183-member countries in partnership with International Institutions, Civil Society Organizations and Private Sectors to address global environmental issues while supporting national sustainable development initiatives. The Sixth GEF Assembly was an opportunity to celebrate past achievements and the launch of its seventh replenishment cycle (GEF-7).

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Minister Wallace Cosgrow launching of the floating PV farm project at the Africa Energy Forum

19 June 2018 - In the context of the Africa Energy Forum (AEF) held in Mauritius, HE Wallace Cosgrow, Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change of Seychelles has announced the launch of the tender of the right to develop, finance, own and operate a 4MW floating grid-connected solar PV plant in the Lagoon le Rocher, Mahé. The Request for Qualification (RFQ) round will be formally launched on Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change (, Seychelles Investment Board website (, Procurement Oversight Unit ( and Seychelles Energy Commission website ( at noon (UTC+4) on 20 June 2018.

The tender and project will represent a path-breaking opportunity for the eventual successful bidder as it will be the first utility-scale floating solar PV project in all of Africa. It will be one of the first salt-water floating solar PV plants in the world. This innovative project reflects the Government of Seychelles commitment to climate change action and renewable energy development. Marine floating PV technology has significant implications for island nations and other land-scarce regions that aim to utilize renewable energy. This project aims to reduce Seychelles’ reliance on imported diesel fuel, and instead harness affordable, clean and local energy resources. The project is supported by the Clinton Foundation and the African Legal Support Facility with Trinity International LLP and Multiconsult serving as the transaction and tender advisors.

Minister Cosgrow made the announcement during his intervention at the opening ceremony of the AEF where he briefly painted the energy landscape of Seychelles, our point of situation, the challenges of our energy sector as well as the complexity of addressing our issues. He highlighted that Seychelles have made tremendous steps over the years but need to do more in order to ensure a cleaner, sustainable and affordable energy sector for the country. “As a country, we need to transition to a cleaner energy sector, we need to strengthen our energy security. We are committed and willing to address these challenges. We invite you present today to partner with us and assist us in doing so” concluded Minister Cosgrow. 

The Africa Energy Forum (AEF) is the global investment meeting for Africa’s power, energy, infrastructure and industrial sectors. Now in its 20th year, AEF brings together senior decision-makers active in Africa's energy sector to form partnerships, identify opportunities and collectively move the industry forward. AEF attracts over 2,000 senior-level representatives comprised of governments, utilities, regulators, power developers, policy makers, EPC contractors, institutional investors, development banks, commercial banks, fund managers, private equity investors, multilateral financial institutions, technology providers, consultants, law firms, IOCs & NOCs and large energy consumers to debate energy solutions, establish new connections and make decisions at the highest level. The event also has a track record of delivering a valuable networking experience.

Minister Cosgrow is attending the forum with the CEO of the Seychelles Energy Commission, Mr. Tony Imaduwa.